Installing the new firmware update 2.3.6 EU Version on the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 with Odin

How do I install the new Update 2.3.6 on my Galaxy S2 using Odin? Here I will explain…. First download the Odin V1.83 +Pit file Then download Update 2.3.6 as a zip file Now we need the Samsung USB Treiber (Driver) To open the zip i always use the program 7zip First install the Samsung drivers [...]

Instruction to Firmware version Firmware code

From where to I find out what Firmware vision? Easy look under setting – telephone information – Baseband Version in the telephone. There you will see for example I9000XXJF4 Exp. I9000XXJF4 that means Samsung I9000, Region Westeuropa, 2010 June , Revision 4 I9000 = Model XX = Regionscode or NetworkCode JF = Jear (J) / Month (F) , Release-Date of the Firmware 4 = Revision   Here it [...]

Counterreset – The Download reapir plug sets the Custom Binary Counter on the Galaxy S2 back

  The new Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 remembers the number of times you update the Firmware. After a Firmware Update with an alternative Firmware there always appears a warning triangle when you start. That is because the S2 recognizes that it isn’t an Original Firmware. With the Download Reapir usb jig you can reset the [...]

What is Odin and why use it?

Odin… Odin is software for windows that you use to download new Firmware files to update onto your Samsung Android phone. You can have new Rom (firmware) flashes Odin is free…. It is rumored that it is from Samsung and that Samsung have put it out. Odin is a good alternative to Samsung kiss. With [...]

Odin can’t open the serial (com port) – flash process failed

It sometimes happens that an update with Odin fails Why? Odin shows here a failed problem with the COM port. This Com port is a virtual port that when you plug in the USB cable it is automatically found. When can sort this problem when it happens? Firstly go to Windows Task Manager and close [...]

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